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What to do with an interrupted Tapas?
10-11-2016, 11:11 AM
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What to do with an interrupted Tapas?
Interruption of a Tapas is an unpleasant thing and by all means should be avoided - that's for sure.

It does happen however - for many reasons, some serious some not. That's beside the point and I feel that subject here gives too much room for useless justifications etc Wink

But what to actually do once it does happen?

I've seen several approaches, but none of them was "official" and conclusive - something of a folklore, hoping for the best Smile

It would be a big help, because frankly - when it happens to me, I am in a state of uncertainty which for sure is not a good effect...

Solutions I came across are:
1. Start over.
2a. Continue doing it until the end - then make an additional one made of other elements
2b. Continue doing it until the end - then prolonging it for the amount of days we missed
2c. Continue until the end - considering it concluded, accepting the "reward" will not be as big as it would be had it been completed correctly.
3. ???

Could someone clarify this matter please?
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23-12-2016, 12:46 AM
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RE: What to do with an interrupted Tapas?
hi mayavin.
like you i also had this issue some times (unfortunately, but its true, no excuses).
i dont know of any 'official' solution - maybe someone else can help with that. but here is what i felt when i tried different approaches to this situation.

1. starting over - sometimes it works. however, i noticed that also sometimes after we start over we soon after interrupt again (sooner then before) and then start over again, and again.... and eventualy we drop it. so my feeling is that this is good for people with strong will power who dont use it as an easy way out ('i can interupt, anyway i will just start over'). if the determination to do that tapas is strong then its great to have this 'all or nothing' attitude - you dropped it, start over again, next time you will think twice before dropping it. but if the will power is not so great, then 'all or nothing lad to nothing'. especially if the tapas is very long. then better take another approach.

2a. i didnt get this one.

2b. i tried that. i didn't like it. its too easy a solution. 'i missed one day, no probelm, i add it at the end'. then next week we have another full day and we say 'alright, today i also dont do because i can just add it in the end'. once we do this compromise once, it is easy to repeat it. it seems like it costs us nothing.

2c. you mean - if you missed a day or 2, you just miss it and that it? the tapas is concluded but with some parts missing in the middle? if so - i think it doesn't realy work like that. we took a commitment to do something and we didnt do it. the reward is there for the effects of the actual techniques we did. but the effects of a tapas - that we said we will do something and then we do it just as a manifestation of our will - these effects we wont get.

3. sometimes i used this approach, which seems to me to be the most effective (in the bad situation of interrupting a tapas): recuperating the missed days/techniques within the time allocated for the tapas. we missed a day today? tomorrow we do double so we catch it up. or anyway we catch it up before the time of the tapas is concluded. this way what ever lapses in will power we had which made us drop the tapas - we will compensate buy having to sacrifice more time and will in the enxt day to catch up. also this way, since catching up is difficult, we would think twice before dropping it next time.

this is my experience.
any other ideas, fellow yogis?
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26-05-2017, 03:01 PM
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RE: What to do with an interrupted Tapas?
It's been a while and I've had a chance to test and observe around me the different approaches to that issue.

From the start I have to remark - there is nothing better than UNINTERRUPTED Tapas Smile

The feeling of fulfillment, self-confidence, confidence in the efficiency of the practice and growth - these are just some of the strong resonances which I feel in me from the continuity of the Tapas itself. That's aside from the specific effects of the techniques included in the Tapas themselves!

That is my conclusion then.

Regarding the actual subject of an interruption, I am therefore inclined to restarting the Tapas from the start. As I see it, this is the best way to ensure the fullness of the effects I'm aiming for. I know it might sound tough, especially if one is embarked on a long long Tapas of many months or even years, but I would say it's worth it.

If as you said the problem appears that the Tapas then gets failed time after another, the I would suggest that before starting another attempt, Yogi fulfills a smaller Tapas - thus building up the confidence and the subtle momentum which will help in accomplishing the one that had proven to be difficult.

The recuperation option is something acceptable, BUT only if the Consecration of the Tapas stipulated that it's allowed. I feel it's still a last resort and should not be used frequently. One reason is that then it tends to pile up soon leaving us overburdened and stressed over the amount of practice we need to catch up. From the esoteric perspective it is also something that puts us in resonance with numerous negative tendencies and problems we see in the world today (stress, sense of lack of time, isolation, burden, lack of sleep, improper eating habits etc).
Recently I was invited to do a Tapas that allows 3 recuperations (over the course of 108 days of the Tapas), and I think this is a good example of maintaining the energy of discipline of a Tapas, while leaving reasonable room for unexpected interruptions.

The point 2a you didn't understand I see like this. Once I interrupt a Tapas, I continue until it's done to avoid the full onset of the energy of failure, and then I "heal" some of the damage by making another, small Tapas which would boost my confidence. I am likewise not very convinced about it and believe the previous options work better. I suspect I heard it being "official recommendation" because it was given to someone who really had serious problems, like you mentioned before, with failure after failure. Perhaps I would use it knowing I won't live long enough to complete a restarted Tapas...

Best of wishes of successfully completed Tapas to everyone! Smile
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