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My Yoga Project: Tradition seen through modern eyes
28-05-2016, 03:04 PM
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My Yoga Project: Tradition seen through modern eyes
Hello everybody,

I thought that somebody here might help me with my "zis-project" about yoga and its development. In connection with this I am looking for interviewpartners and opportunities for an overnight stay during my zis travel from mid-August to mid-September in Great Britain mostly London.

Within the context of this „zis-project“ I examine the development of yoga from a spiritual, Indian way of life to new, modern kinds of sport as it has gained worldwide popularity but often is reduced to a gymnastic practices with a mystical touch.
Especially London has become a Yoga hotspot and offers a huge range from traditional to modern Yoga. I want to get to know the Yoga tradition and its modern disciplines but even more the people who practice, teach traditional Yoga or the new Yoga variations, their motivations, aims and concepts.

The fundamental concept of "zis" is to enable students to travel to another country and doing researches about a self-choosen topic in order to get a realistic impression of the daily life abroad and to get insights into a different society.

But the whole trip has to be at least 4 weeks long and everything from occupation to food to transportation cost have to be within the bounds of a small scholarship which for example exclude a month long hotel stay. This makes a travel possible away from the paths of mass tourism and is also the reason why the success of my travel is dependent on the British hospitality.

If you want to learn more about the zis project and its foundation, please click here:

I hope you can help me and I will certainly appreciate your reply.

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