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Every day mantra
27-09-2014, 09:10 PM
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Every day mantra
Hello !
I'm new on this forum and i wanted to ask for a mantra or a ritual including diffrent mantras for every day practice (morning or evening).
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20-10-2014, 05:01 PM
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RE: Every day mantra
Dear tovarasultau!

Mantras are extremely potent spiritual tools for awakening resonance with the aspect they are related to. They are not something to be taken lightly or in a superficial manner. Receiving a mantra happens through an act of a profound initiation, during which the initiator, who has already awaken at least to some extent the energies the mantra corresponds to, introduces the aspirant to a mantra, but also transmits - through an act of channeling - a seed amount of energy of the respective mantra. And it doesn't end there - now the initiate has to follow a certain practice to make this seed sprout, and to gradually awaken the resonance in its fullness. He has to keep the mantra as something sacred - NEVER say it aloud, or reveal it in an unintegrated manner.

The act of initiation is necessary in the process, and learning them from internet is pointless - they are dead seeds. Only some very advanced yogic techniques allow enlivening such a mantra. But many mantras from the internet are incorrect - distorted either by ignorance or as an act of concealment from those who do not have the key to properly decipher them.

If you are looking for a potent spiritual procedure for morning and evening, I can suggest you something which is IMMENSELY powerful and requires no mantras nor any other tools - although you might want to do it in a ritualized way, with incense sticks, candles, special music, in a particular place etc. according to your wishes.

The procedure is to sit in a comfortable posture, with the spine straight and close your eyes. Detach from all the concerns, the inner dialogue - breath naturally and relax. Now, in the state of full openness, offer all the fruits of all the actions of the day which has just started to the highest aspect of the Universe you feel related to. It can be the Ultimate Truth, a particular deity like Shiva, Tara or Jesus, or even to God the Father. What is important is that the reality which you are making the offering to is something much higher than your limited existence and something you might have a heartfelt connection with. During the day remember the state in all your activities, which in this way will become much more harmonious and the acts of anger, jealousy etc. will naturally disappear - since you wouldn't offer such things to the Divine, would you? Smile Likewise, at the end of the day, assume a similar position, with a similar attitude like one in the morning, and express your gratitude for all the events of the day that now came to pass.

This is a part of a much more profound technique, but even in such a form it is an amazing tool for charging your actions and changing the ambiance of you life - both inner and outer. It will work wonders Smile

And as for the mantras - best to find a good school which teaches them in a profound manner. They exist in many countries worldwide.
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