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Shambavi Mudra
30-08-2014, 03:01 PM
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Shambavi Mudra
Shambavi Mudra is a technique I got already years back and have been practicing from time to time since then - with varying regularity and duration.

Recently however in light of realization that both sharpness as well as stability of my focus is far from perfect and my meditations or awareness phases are not as efficient as I would like them to be - not to mention the efficiency of common tasks during the day or work - I took upon to make the practice more regular and significantly long.

I started to perform it on daily basis, for 30 minutes (most of the time split in two), and I have to tell you, that the effects are definitely worth noticing.

I've seen in my life a person who was doing it many hours every day, but even this 30 minutes is really very special. Just like with the meditation, the length of time seems to be allowing the unfolding of deeper aspects of this technique. For me, 5-10 minutes practice was enough to somewhat ease the turmoil of the over-active Manas.

But making it longer, I feel not only coming back to the 'status quo', but actually increasing the power to visualize, to focus.

[Image: pingpong09lf2.JPG]

I've also noticed (probably this is not news to those who have been practicing this technique seriously already - not like me), that when the image of the object vanishes from the inner vision, having an active attitude and forcing it back makes a very significant improvement in the technique and it's power - as well as being transmitted into other areas of life and practice.

The description of the technique does not indicate that - I got inspired through remembering lectures about meditation by Advaitananda Stoian, in which he reveals that the impulse towards the object of the meditation (mantra or focus point etc.) has to be renewed before it fades away. I can't recall when I decided to try this, instead of the usual opening of the eyes to look at the physical object again, for it was not a fully conscious plan, but I am glad that I did.

Shambavi became one of my favorite practices and I catch myself really looking forward to doing it throughout the day.

I am curious if anyone has similar interesting experiences with this technique.

PS. Lately, looking for a photo that would show how it's performed, I noticed that the vast majority of places show this technique not as visualisation of the object, but rather staring with crossed eyes towards the middle of the forehead. Interesting to see this difference and I wonder how different is that from one of Tratakam techniques.
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