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Building up BIOPHOTONS
13-08-2014, 04:51 AM
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Building up BIOPHOTONS
I have a question for this group;

Can we build up our BIOPHOTONS with sexual stimulation? Huh
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16-08-2014, 02:23 PM
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RE: Building up BIOPHOTONS
Correctly performed lovemaking amplifies, harmonizes and refines all of the energies of one's being, and even though I cannot point you to studies indicating the increase of "biophotonic energy" measured by outer devices, this would also be the case.

Some more explanations are however needed in order to clarify the matter of "sexual stimulation" which was used in the question, and "correctly performed lovemaking" I used while answering it. Not just any sexual stimulation will result in attaining the desired energetical effect we speak of. Masturbation, for example, is merely "stirring up" the fundamental sexual potential, and there are even some forms of sexual stimulation which will result in the quite opposite effect leading to deterioration of the entire structure of the ignorant practitioner of such methods.

The lovemaking act, which can produce all the amazing beneficial effects, has to include the three fundamental components. Those are Love, Transfiguration and Sexual Continence.

Love is a phenomenon which is at the same time simple and complex. It allows establishing a profound connection between the two lovers, awakens one's soul, which unlike the ego is capable of handling the infinite amount energies and amplify them in our being, and helps the sublimation of the sexual energy to higher spheres of one's being. We can remind here of one of the Laws related to Love: "when Love becomes infinite, the impossible becomes easily possible", thus allowing not only the amplification of energies, but many more miraculous phenomena.

The next component - Transfiguration is another vital part of the process, where the pair of lovers stops being just a man and a woman, but become the manifestation of the Divine Principles - Shiva and Shakti, the Jin and Jang, Consciousness and Energy, Masculine and Feminine. In this way, the lovemaking union becomes the reenactment of the Supreme Act of Creation, from which the Universe is born (or to put it more correctly - "continue to be born in every moment"). The unison with the lovemaking act (as it is often beautifully depicted in Oriental esoteric imagery) of Shiva and Shakti allows us to access all the energies which They manifest in the Creation an create the universes of our own, in our own beings.

And finally, the act has to be done maintaining the state of perfect Sexual Continence. Every ejaculation of semen or explosive orgasm is an energetical discharge, during which we lose the energy we gathered. Even though we speak about subtle energies, in the current age, where our consciousness is mostly relating with the material manifestation, the creative fluids of the body are the very basis of our energy system. And since the "containers" in which they are stored in our bodies have limited capacity AND the process of their production is continuous, they have to be put to a process of Transmutation and Sublimation, where their physical components will be reabsorbed by the body and the subtle components charge the higher energy centers of our structure (ie. higher chakras). And while it can happen spontaneously (as in cases where Love is fresh and overwhelming, which as I have mentioned before is a result of the sexual energies being "sucked up" by the Heart), in most cases it requires mastering those processes through perseverant performance of special techniques, as some known from Hatha Yoga etc.

I hope it has been made clear, that even though sexual activity has enormous potentials, it has to respect certain strict (but paradoxically leading to experience of indescribable freedom and spontaneity) indications, which make it a Divine Act rather than unconscious indulgence.
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