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Technique for Revelation of Past Lives
09-07-2014, 12:14 PM
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Technique for Revelation of Past Lives
Last night I concluded the Revelation of Past Lives Technique. After preparation made up of cycle of 7 Ohsawa nr.7 diets (each lasting 10 days, with 3-day interlude), 3-day fast on water, and finally, 18 hours of technique itself I am back to world of normal eating habits But more importantly - much richer in experience... I am far from reaching the level of attaining complete success in it, but faces that appeared were many and the whole experience makes me wonder how much more we are capable of, if one can perform such a thing, and how little we know if we just follow the general (lazy) trend. Flashbacks are to be expected, but regardless of their appearance, the experience has been definitely valuable.

It became obvious to me that this technique, even though introduced quite early in the Atman Federation course, is quite serious and requires a serious approach. That, one can say, is quite obvious given the fact how strict the preparatory phase is and the length of the procedure itself. One needs a serious capability for mental focus, as well as vitality to be able to sustain it. I've heard some people limit the procedure to just few hours - stopping right after they feel nothing more will appear. I didn't think this was the correct approach, believing that the given hours of the procedure are not a mere coincidence. Nonetheless - it is quite an effort and in order to be able to do it efficiently, the preparation should be much more serious then just following the diet - encompassing perfection of the mental focus, increase of vitality (which is drained if one does not observe the exact indications regarding the diet), or at least its maintaining. Last observation I am making also from experience, for I have to admit that I was not eating much, was fasting once per week, and for most of the time my diet consisted of one-two owen plates of ohsawa breads made from spelt flour, water and salt.

Nonetheless, I am extremely grateful for the entire experience, and consider I've learnt from it a lot and got many indications for my further practice. I will not be surprised if next year I will be repeating the entire procedure, improved through the feedback I got. One benefit that I see from it, is to get the feeling of real preparation for serious spiritual procedures - it occurred to me that it's astonishing that one prepares more than two months to do a procedure that lasts less then one day. Not to mention WHAT this technique actually does!!!
This is a great reminder of what spirituality is, and what the Spiritual Science actually has to offer.

I am curious of your experiences of that technique, comments and indications that you might offer me. From my side, I definitely recommend doing it, if you haven't already. For even IF you will not get a clear revelation regarding your past incarnations, I am sure that a change within you will occur and you will get revelations regarding what you can do in THIS incarnation Smile
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