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Yoga resources
05-05-2014, 11:43 AM
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Information Yoga resources
Hi fellow yogis!

I am Kelly and yoga is one of my great passions. I have been practicing for quite a few years by now and started teaching a bit as well. I have always been drawn to self practice and keep up my sadhana in the privacy of my own home mostly. This is also the reason, why I teach people one on one... everybody comes to yoga for very different reasons and there is no right or wrong reasons, I believe. I think that every single person needs to create an intimate relationship with his practice and this is very difficult to facilitate in huge gym classes.

I have been using various online yoga resources for several years myself, but I still find it difficult to come across genuinely good resources. I feel that yoga should be accessible to many people, so they could practice at home. As a result, I recently decided to start my own Yoga video website where I record and publish subscription-free full length yoga/meditation tutorials and sessions. For anyone, who might be interested, feel free to visit my website at

Please check it out and share, if You like it!

Another good resource is this one:

I hope You share Your yoga resources here as well, so we all may grow wiser together! Heart

Om shanti.
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