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Spiritual Computer Games?
20-01-2014, 11:17 PM (This post was last modified: 21-01-2014 03:06 PM by admin4.)
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Lightbulb Spiritual Computer Games?
Lately I got to think - if we are using movies to receive some profound teachings, and to enhance our resonances with beneficial qualities, then could also computer games be used for that purpose?

Just like movies, computer games are source of resonances acquired through use of audio-visual stimuli, with archetypal characters and storyline being an expression of something stored within what Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung called the collective unconscious, and Yogic Lore - the supramental reality. Evidently, these expressions are more or less tainted by the filter of the ego of one who makes it, but we can see that it is those that are expressing the archetypal situations or characters are the ones which are most know, most admired (like "Shawshank Redemption" or "Star Wars"), while shallow movies despite being pumped with special effects (like "Battleship") are soon forgotten. Like a piece of sugar candy Smile

Now, having myself spent way too much time in front of a computer in my life, I am inclined to believe that nothing beats the "real experience", however scientific studies point that the difference between imagination and reality can be actually quite thin. In one of the studies I recall at the moment, athletes were asked to imagine that they are running - and it turned out that the same areas of the brain were showing activity, as they were actually running - possibly even affecting muscles that would normally be used in this activity.

What computer games offer however is something that movies do in a more limited extent - the possibility of active participation in the storyline and allowing deeper identification with the character. Many of them are exactly placing the player in archetypal situations of fighting evil, solving puzzles and mysteries, finding way to build, live and prosper, etc.

And instead of being just a "bystander", one is the actual doer, the decision-maker.

Another issue that I wonder if games could address comes from Karmic luggage we come born with. Usually during one lifetime a person specializes in one field of life, one profession, thus fulfilling one of many roles that are meant for him/her to be played through cycle of reincarnation. Games allow us (to some extent of course) play roles of various characters - warriors, architects, racers, firefighters - you name it. Wouldn't games then be a way for us to fulfill various roles in this lifetime, so we will not feel to be bound by these desires anymore?

I know it might sound like quite a stretch... Undecided But isn't it possible?
Playing a game is definitely more time consuming, but less then entire lifetime of actually doing these things.

Nowadays the world of computer gaming has rather low aspirations, not even close to the lofty purposes I am wondering about here, but that could after all change. Already I encountered years ago some games that were inspiring or revealing some aspects of world and life (like "Deus Ex", which shows the schemes of the hidden government and tendencies of the NWO agenda). Couldn't with right guidance, computer games provide some sort of support for those who are at the moment not ready yet to take the most efficient path of transformation - meaning the actual spiritual practice and study of sacred texts?
I am curious to hear Your opinion.
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03-08-2014, 12:05 PM
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RE: Spiritual Computer Games?
Despite the fact that noone on the Forum replied to my curiosity, I will not allow the topic to die just like that Smile
As it turns out, from a short research I've done so far, there are several past-present-future initiatives that aim to bring spirituality and meaningfulness to the world of computer gaming, and vice versa. I also came across several articles that deny the possibility of using gaming as an efficient tool of spiritual development. And let me be clear once again - I am, as a base assumption, certain that the spiritual tools like meditation, hatha yoga, concentration techniques, ecstatic lovemaking, entheogen etc. are the most effective tools for spiritual transformation. But as author of one of the articles about the subject I saw recently remarked - "It is thus important to look at the phenomenon of video games from a spiritual perspective, because almost no one growing up today can avoid them." (from "Video Games and Spiritual Development, a preliminary analysis", blog by SETH, 2012) ad I believe that some attention on the Forum can be given to this subject. For even if it isn't possible or worthwhile, we could be at least have a coherent gathering of data that would make it clear for those who pose similar question, wondering how games affect their children or themselves.

Personally, I am at this time inclined to believe that computer gaming, just like most technological gizmos, are but a passing phenomena, which will become the past very very soon. For people who can freely access the reality of Astral World, the computer worlds will seem like a joke - a postcard of a place, compared with actual being in the place. Nonetheless, we can examine this temporary phenomena and see what it brings - and what it can bring.
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11-08-2014, 07:44 PM
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RE: Spiritual Computer Games?
Last weekend I had an interesting talk with a friend of mine about the subject and I have to tell you, that some things moving in this direction! I am not going to say anything more about it for now, we'll see how it develops.
Instead, I will share a blog article I found, on how to use computer games as a mean for spiritual practice.

The author self-admittedly is but a layman in meditation, the initiative is nonetheless interesting, as he invites techniques coming from Zen into the process of computer gaming, giving practical instructions on how to make this activity more meaningful.
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24-08-2014, 10:27 PM
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RE: Spiritual Computer Games?
An interesting development in the subject comes from Deepak Chopra, who co-authored a Wii computer game called "Deepak Chopra's Leela" It utilizes the technology of that game console, which is capable of following the movement of the body in 3 dimensions, which then affect the action on the screen. The game is divided into 7 main levels, with tasks corresponding to 7 Chakras and their fulfillment is meant to be done through exercises that additionally stimulate the respective Chakra.
Personally, I don't have such a gaming device, but perhaps someone does and would give it a try. I am curious how it actually works.

There are some videos on YouTube referring to that game, including an interview with Deepak. Here I post the official trailer of the game made by the game's producer - THQ.

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