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Tarot: Court Cards
08-12-2013, 05:45 PM
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Tarot: Court Cards
If someone here on the forum is proficient with use of Tarot, I would appreciate advice.

While I consider my understanding of the Major Arcana and the rest of Minor Mentors is gradually deepening, I feel somewhat stuck when it comes to the Court Cards. According to Eileen Connolly, who so far I found the most approachable with explanation of fundamental principles and methods of this divinatory science, Court Cards represent, most of the time, the basic 16 types of human personality - and their appearance in a spread signifies involvement of a person, manifesting particular personality, in the situation researched by the spread. She describes each of the types according to the physical appearance (eg. Knight of Swords - men with brown/black hair, dark eyes, olive skin) and psychological endowments (in example mentioned above: dependable, helpful, but with tendency to be domineering etc.).
As a general explanation, I understand it.
I am puzzled however by situations in which I cannot recognize at all the person which is indicated in the spread as being in some way relevant to the query. Sometimes it seems it even doesn't fit to have anyone involved in the situation at all.
Connolly notes, that Court Card can also represent a situation, but then I find it difficult to distinguish if that is the case, or if due to some social inabilities I might have, I refuse to see and recognize the human being involved.

I would appreciate any comments or guidelines on the matter, as well as sources and ways for deeper study.
Perhaps this post will be the first of many - maybe even an entire section on this forum - discussing matters of esoteric art of Tarot. I look forward to share experiences of this science with others who see it as a viable and useful tool of spiritual evolution and inner development. Be Blessed!
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