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Healthy Food for Yogies
11-07-2014, 11:02 PM
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RE: Healthy Food for Yogies
The topic of "Meat or no meat" is to me quite obvious, so I would like to mention something else here.

I had the opportunity to be in Paradise Retreat Center in Denmark ( during the Summer Soul camp which finished just a two days ago, and in that camp I saw something very interesting regarding food. A team of yogis running a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Copenhagen, Ambrosias Have came to cook for the participants of the camp and to share some of their knowledge and skills. What I wanted to mention here, is that entering the dinning hall and looking at the table on which the food was being put up, I was struck by the feeling of harmony and flow between the dishes. It seemed as if the particular meal was a piece of music, and each dish provided specific tones, like different instruments.

It occurred to me, that trying to recreate those dishes (which were of course delicious) by simply following a list of used ingredients and the recipe would not result in reaching the same effect. Something else is at play here and I wonder if we have here these kitchen angels on our forum to share a bit of their insights. Or someone else who has grasped it.
For indeed, in what I saw there, I could see - in a subtle way in which I was perceiving it even without tasting it - each meal as a piece of Art. Therefore, most definitely in the process of eating or preparing the food, it is not only WHAT but most definitely HOW. And even if we've heard this many times before, and are even doing it right, it is good to know that it develop even further - even to the level of expressing the Universal Truths. We have Mantras for the sense of hearing, Yantras for the sight... How about a Tripura Sundari Cake? Wink
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25-07-2014, 11:20 AM
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RE: Healthy Food for Yogies
I can see that by this time you must have received really good points to work on. Just one thing i want to add is stick to Raw Food for few days and see how dramatically, you will feel the change in your weight meter.
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10-08-2014, 11:01 AM
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RE: Healthy Food for Yogies
For few days indeed it might be good. A word of warning however to those thinking about making it on a long-term basis.

Some years ago, when travelling in the far North, an friend of mine, Ayurvedic doctor told me that make raw-eaters that come to her for consultation have serious imbalances within their structure. Particularly those who were also practitioners of the 'Kundalini Yoga'.

Such a diet gets you to feel 'high', but not everyone's body can handle such treatment - depending on the individual structure as well as climate conditions of the area you're living in. The cooler the place, the less raw food is recommended. As a general thing, I think it's good to consult a competent Ayurvedic practitioner before making long-term changes in your diet - and to have the general dietary indications assessed!

Practice of Yoga does amazing things, but proper food also can be of great support, while improper (as was mentioned in many posts above) can inhibit it. Thing good for one person does not necessarily have to be good for another.

God created us distinct from one another, to experience the vast diversity of Creation Smile
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19-12-2014, 07:36 AM
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RE: Healthy Food for Yogies
Eat all vegetarian foods. Like fruits, nuts, dry food etc.
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26-04-2015, 12:28 AM
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RE: Healthy Food for Yogies
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