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About Concordia Yoga Forum
15-08-2013, 11:15 AM (This post was last modified: 16-08-2013 06:00 PM by bhairava.)
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About Concordia Yoga Forum
Welcome on Concordia Yoga Forum, an independent and non-profit platform made by an international group of passionate yoga practitioners and teachers. The goal for building this platform is to promote and emphasize the traditional Yoga values as a genuine path to finding Truth, Spiritual Freedom and Self Realization.

Yoga has become very popular all around the world in the last decades, but often, the way Yoga is presented (imported) under the influence of modern culture is reduced to a gymnastic sport with a mystical flavor ... But the ancient Yoga tradition has much, much more to offer to the modern people than just a method for physical health. The ancient Yoga system of teachings, values and methods still gives very valuable solutions for the problems human beings are facing in the present time. As a proof of this, there are many modern scientific theories and discoveries that perfectly match the ancient yogic view upon the structure of the Universe and of the human being.
The simplifying ignorance with which these gems of ancient spiritual knowledge have been met in the last decades are also among the reasons that propelled us toward building such a platform of discussions and sharing. The witch-hunt against spiritual values and yoga schools around the world has reached worrying dimensions in a world dominated by scientific dogmas.
It is among the practitioners and teachers of such complex methods that the opinions and criteria about Yoga should be forged and then provided to the audience. Especially since today many of the Yoga practitioners are scientists, artists, educated scholars in all domains of life. Otherwise many of the effects will be misunderstood, practices incorrectly adapted for marketing reasons, leaving the user with a less effective method (and sometimes only with empty pockets) and victims of spiritual human rights abusers.
It is a well-known fact that today more and more people are searching for answers inside themselves and this places Yoga on a high position in the list of the public's preferences. This is also making Yoga a target for the easy-fortune seekers or the narrow-minded. An open platform where advanced practitioners can share their experiences and openly talk about the methods that are effective will help the public to be able to choose the real thing and to filter out the marketing stunts.
And even more, finding other people that are working on personal development, that are ready for transformation and take steps in that direction became an important need in an increasingly materialistic world. This platform is meant to provide a meeting point where daring topics related to the spiritual life are raised, keeping away as much as possible, the sterile speculations, judgmental attitudes or imposing one's own viewpoint with no practical arguments. A platform oriented toward the values gained through the Yoga practice will become an inspiration for all those that want to come closer and understand what Yoga is and what's in it for them.
On this forum different materials about yoga and related subjects, carefully selected by advanced practitioners, will be made available in the Yoga Library. Here you can post comments on different sources and articles. If you would like to contribute with an article or a source you can send it to [email protected] Book presentations as well as various angles on yogic methods from the members of this forum will also be taken into consideration (same email address).
The Aghora section is meant to encourage intelligent discussion about yoga related topics. You need to register before you can post here or open a new thread.

In this forum you can:
- read, post and share subjects on various aspects of Yoga;
- join discussions on various topic related to the Yoga system;
- meet and communicate with yoga practitioners from all over the world;
- on the event calendar you can find out about Yoga events all over the world, or inform others about such events

A volunteer team of experienced and enthusiastic Yoga teachers is moderating the discussions - keeping away spam, aggressive self promotion or hateful messages - ensuring a high standard that is appropriate for an international forum for Yoga practitioners.
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